St. Andrew’s Core Team

Our Church has been gifted with a core team of very willing and able volunteers who collectively make St. Andrew’s what it is today and for tomorrow.

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Church AdministratorLinsey Stewart
Session ClerkRosie Milne
Clerk To The BoardJoyce Lawson
Church TreasurerTom Craggs
WFO TreasurerAlastair Smith
Gift Aid ConvenerAllan Duff
Monthly Collections ConvenerVera Binnie
Diane Stuart
Lettings ConvenerKit Pawson
Roll KeeperTom Craggs, Linsey Stewart
OrganistIan Milne
“Time Out” LeaderSuzanne Irvine
Presbytery ElderVera Binnie
Social Committee ConvenerMolly Conn
Flower ConvenerEileen Robertson
Transport To ChurchDiane Stuart
Hall CleanerAgnieszka Myszkowska
Safeguarding ConvenerAlison Young
Safeguarding OfficerFraser Horn
Saltire EditorsDiane Stuart
Kit Pawson