Young People

Time Out

TIME OUT is for children aged from 3 years upwards. We meet in the new Church Hall at 9:45 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month during school term-time. 

On arrival, we sing a welcome song, we then all sit on cushions in a circle and listen to a bible story and very often there are pictures or other visual aids relating to the story. The children are encouraged to interact. 

Next, we have our “feast” which represents communion. This consists of blackcurrant juice, grapes and a small piece of cake. We all sit quietly during feast. 

After feast, we always have a craft or colouring activity and, if there is time, a game. 

At about 10.45 we go over to the church and share with the Minister and the Congregation what we have learned. We also join in singing a hymn. 

When the service is finished we go to the old hall and again join everyone to have juice, pancakes and biscuits.

 For further information about TIME OUT, please contact the Church Office on 01467 628740 or Mo Vernal (Time Out Leader) on 01467 628778

Time Out Picnic 7 July 2019